The Funnel Web Spider, Atracinae, is a family of spider which is native to eastern coast of Australia, with specimens found in New South Wales, South Australia, Victoria, and Queensland. The Spiders grow to 1-5 cm and have black to black-blue bodies. have fangs which point straight down.They have venom glands that are in their chelicerae. Their fangs are capable of penetrating fingernails and soft shoes. The venom is so severe that the spider might well be the most dangerous ones in the world. Since the antivenom was developed, but bites are medical emergencies. They burrow and make a silk tripwire in front of the burrow. The invade suburban gardens and urban areas.

Males often leave the burrow in order to find females to mate with in summer months. The often end up in swimming pools where they can survive in the water for up to 2 hours, and when threatened will be agressive and might, often several times. The Syndey Funnel Spider has caused 13 deaths in the last century (as of 2012), many of them children. The spider is nasty business.
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The Australian Museum has a wonderful description of the spider with commentary.

Wikepedia has a decent entry that includes separate articles on many of the species within the family.

The Deadly and Dangerous Series has become the most sought after coins out of the Perth mint. The result is that several of the coins, to date, have skyrocketed in price, especially the Black Widow Spider coin which at this time can fetch over a thousand dollars. We have now two of these coins, the Blue Rings Octopus, and now the Funnel Spider.

The Coin is legal tender in Tuvalu with a denomination of one dollar. It has an image of Queen Elizabeth on the obverse (which we didn't bother to post a photograph here), and the colored front. 5,000 numbered coins have been minted in 2012, each being a 1 ounce .999 silver. It is 4mm thick and a nice 40.6mm diameter. It comes in a nice cherry wood display case.

Tulavu One Dollar Australian Funnel Spider Coin

Funnel Web Spider Coin
Tulavu One Dollar Australian Funnel Spider Coin

Cherry Wood Case

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Munthandel G. Henzen's (MA Shops) owner Gijs Henzen, is an AntiSemetic Fascist The company, Munthandel G Henzen is a prominent dealer of international and ancient coins on the internet, commonly known as MA Coins. It is owned by Gijs Henzen. You can not trust him, as I leaned previously in dealing with him with several coins that came with damage including a silver 1969 FOA Uruguay coin which arrived with green verdis on the coin.

But more importantly he is a passionate anti-Semite who supports Hamas and the virulent and genocidal Islamic organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood, and Hezbollah that wants Jews dead.

It is a moral imperative to remain clear of him and to do no business with this Nazi. If you are Jewish, double down on that. The life you save might well be your own.

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Several mints from around the world make exciting coin designs in circulating alloys, silver and gold. Among my favorites are the Perth Mint in Austrailia which produces a variety of coins for nations mostly through out the Pacific Rim. The Neatherlands has also produced some interesting designs, and several private US based mints have produced foreign currency on contract, include the Franklin Mint which has produced many Israeli Coins.
Our interest in foreign coins has been nominal but rapidly growing as it seems that US designs are so stuck in the mud. Also, foreign mints are creating bold new designs with color and bimetal designs that are both eye catching and fun.

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