The Cuban Amazon Parrot or Rose Throated Parrot, is an unusual Amazon which comes in 4 subspecies that range Great Inagua, Abaco and formerly other islands in the Bahamas, all three of the Cayman Islands, Cuba and the Isle of Youth. It has a complex coloration that can varry slightly from subspecies to subspecies which include feathers with dark edges giving it a striking scaly look, and a rosey throat, white frontage area on its face, and a light horn colored bill. It has been of recent times to have been raised and captured as Pets and Aviculture, although it is often difficult to breed because the male can be agressive to its mate and chicks.

Durign the 25th anniversity many world silver andd gold coins from 1986 even until 1988 were minted to celebrate and support the fund. Unfortunately, I can't find a source that lists them all. The CHARD website, lists 17 of them:

  1. 1986 Bahrain 5 Dinars Rhim Gazelle
  2. 1986 Bermuda $1 Green Turtle
  3. 1986 Botswana 2 Pula Slaty Egret
  4. 1986 Cayman Islands 5 Dollars Cuban Amazon
  5. 1986 China 5 Yuan Panda
  6. 1986 Cyprus One Pound Cyprus Mouflon
  7. 1987 Falkland Islands 50 Pence King Penguin
  8. 1986 Fiji 10 Dollars Fijian Ground Frog
  9. 1986 Gambia 20 Dalasis Temminck's Colobus
  10. 1987 Indonesia 10,000 Rupiah (Rupess) Babirusa (Pig similar to Warthog)
  11. 1986 Nepal 250 Rupees Musk Deer
  12. 1987 Philippines 200 Piso Tamarau
  13. 1987 Sierra Leone 20 Dalasis Temminck's Colobus
  14. 1987 Thailand 200 Baht Siamese Fireback Pheasant
  15. 1986 Turks & Caicos Islands 1 Crown Rock Iguana
  16. 1986 Western Samoa 10 Tala Samoan Fantail
  17. 1986 Zambia 10 Kwacha White - Winged Flufftail
On the other hand,numismaster, lists 20 of them just for 1986 in its database. And to confuse things more, there is a 1974 series of World Wildlife Fund coins. Stacks sold 13 gold examples of 1986 dated coins in 2005. There may well be a 1988 Hungarian example that has been seen on Stacks and ebay. It might well be a great area of collecting.

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1987 Five Dollar Cayman Island Cuban Amazon Reverse

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1987 Five Dollar Cayman Island Cuban Amazon obverse

This is the Formated Archive of images of this coin.

The Coin is $5 legal tender in the cayman Islands. The silver is 0.925 finess, 28.28 grams, 38.61MM proof with a 25,000 coin mintage.

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Our interest in foreign coins has been nominal but rapidly growing as it seems that US designs are so stuck in the mud. Also, foreign mints are creating bold new designs with color and bimetal designs that are both eye catching and fun.

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