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San Diego California

I was lucky enough to take some continuing education credits in beautiful San Deigo, California. You always here how beautifultiful San Diego is but until one actually visits the city, it is really hard to understand what form of paradise it is. It sits on the Mexican/US board in the nicest climate one can imagine. Four things makes San Diego one of my must see places in the world. The climate, the zoo, the gaslight district, and the fishing marina. Of all of these, it is the fishing and the boats that will bring one back to San Diego again and again. This is a city integrated into its waterfront unlike almost any other, and most of that waterfront is recreational.

The city's economy is anchored by the US Naval Base. It is likely the most blond city in North America. If you are not a natural blond, you will be after living there for a few months. The city has great fresh fish, and night life that rivals anywhere in the world. It is hard to be lonely in San Diego, because the people are so outgoing and fun. Petco Park, the home of the San Diego Padres, is a hell of a ball park, not far from downtown and surrounded by food and drink. Game days are a slow burn, happy party and family affair. I jut loved the expereince of seeing a game at Petco. Part of the stadium has encompassed a row of old buildings, giving the stadium a unique feel and shape. It is just a lot of fun.

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