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Idit Aharon - Premire Artist of Tzfat

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Idit Aharon:

Tzfat Artist and Israeli Success Story

Idit Aharon is one of the true gems of the Tzfat community and the art world at large. She was born into a disadvantaged lifestyle, plagued by poverty, a broken home. Her mother was plagued by mental illness, and her father had limited resources to apply to the family. From this childhood, she rose from a troubadour existence, living from Kibbutz to Kibbutz, until the eigth grade, when without direction, Idit dropped out of 8th grade to live alone in the Tel-Aviv area.

Slowly Idit, with the help of her art, grew strength. She was accepted to Avni School for Higher Art Education where she received a full scholarship. After a short period of time in Holland, she returned to Israel and her Jewish Roots, becoming Baalat Teshuva at the age of 24. She married and set art career aside for a successful marriage fruitful with 8 children.

As the children grew, Idit returned to her art working as a faculty, painting and lecturing at the Art Studies Department of Safed College. She eventually set up an art gallery in the Artists Quarter of Tzfat, which has been a great success.

Idit brings the fluidity of her entire life experience, a women of love and faith to every print and painting. Tzfat's premier colorist, she specialized in Jewish Themes, and creates works of art with deep positive meanings that one can add to their household to positive effect for all who enter your homes and offices. Often imitated, her life affirming themes of the Tree of Life, Hasma, Tzfat landscapes, Jewish life, romance and family, can never be truly reproduced and Ms Aharon's eye for color and form are truly unique. It is always worth find an original Idit Aharon work, as the color has a depth and emotional content that is truly unique to her bush.

Her works have become a staple of Jewish art across the globe, presented in homes, offices and synagogues everywhere. An original Idit Aharon is the high light of anyone's original art collection. Find here gallery foot falls from the Yosef Caro Synagogue.

Owning an original Idit Aharon work of art, whether it be oils, prints, or mixed media, is essential for any modern collector of Jewish Themed art. Her work is often imitated, but getting your hands on a genuine piece is worth the premium. Her color technique and artistic eye, like most master artists, is unique. Any superficial reproductions of her style will leave the viewer at a loss, as her unique personal touch is palatable in all her works, as she produces a steady stream of masterpieces, and smaller works. Her originals are available at quite affordable prices, and are increasing in value on the resale market.

Idit Aharon - Creation
Idit Aharon - Creation $5000

Idit Aharon - Creation
Idit Aharon - Bronze Pair $5000

Idit Aharon - Pair of paintings
Idit Aharon

Idit Aharon - Rimon Tree
Idit Aharon - Tree $3000

Idit Aharon - Safed Alley Tree
Idit Aharon - Safed Alley $3000