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A List of flat out Jew hating bigots who would kill Jews in their sleep if given a chance

All the individuals on this list are violently dangerous to Jews. They support the death of Jews either through direct support, or by direct support of mortal enemies of Jews, or through passive support such as support for crippling boycott, which is an act of hatred.

It is often that such people would strip Jews of their very native identity and status as the aboriginal people of Israel. This amounts to a blood libel against Jews, blaming us for our own forceful and bloody exhile.

Chris Williamson
Said October 7th is Zionist Propagnada. He is a mainstream English labor politician. Full Interview
Cenk Kadir Uygur
The truth is, this fellow is probably emotionally handicapped but the internet drives mental cases like this into the lime light. He hates Jews and runs for President on the premise that Israel is a genocidal people and should be punished by not giving them any help to defend themselves and to have them killed by Hamas.
Lydia Polgreen - NY Times Columnist
There are too many people connected with the New York Times that trade in Jewish blood for principes of morality. The newspaper that all but covered up the Holocaust during WWII for fear of damaging the war effort afraid of making the war seem to "Jewish" never learns essential moral issues to reporting when it comes to Jews. This bigot is posting images of dead children and writing about dead children in the Gaza war and making the moral argument that more Jews should die in battle and attacks by Hamas to prevent children from dieing. She trades in Jewish blood and is a simple bigot hiding her hatred of Jews in fancy words and a moralistic word play that compares Israel to Pol Pot. She is a bad apple and the Times needs to clean itself of these people advocating the death of Jews to these Islamofacists who have killed Jews, and Jewish children, for centuries and intend to continue to do so forever. If you want less children to die then Hamas can surrender and stop teaching anti-semetic bigotry as religious doctrine and in the elemetary schools throughout the Islamic world.
Chris Williamson
This member of the British Labour Party is such an anti-semtic bigot that he called Gaza a concentration camp, and says that Hamas didn't rape anyone on October 7th and that the Jews of Israel are terrorists. You need to hear this to believe that in the 21st century that such things can happen
Francesca Albanese
This bigoted nutcase who works for the UN calls the Jews as being genocidal because they defend themselves against a truly homocidial Islamofacist people in Hamas. And she blames the Jews for causing Hamas, ignoring intentionally the thousand year history Islamofacist murder of Jews. She also calls Jewish settlements as "colonies". How does a person like this end up working for the UN. The ere no excuse for it and the UN needs to be dismantled. Such a bigot has to be booted from any public office
Anna Mollow
This bigot from the Jewish Forward claimed that the war against Hamas is destorying the Jewish people because it kills too many innocent arabs. She wrote: The war threatens to destroy us, because when Israel’s leaders commit acts of unconscionable violence in the name of Jewish people, they turn our religion and culture into something merciless and mean. Not only is she clueless about Judiasm, but she thinks it is OK for Jews to keep fighting Islamic Nazi's forever. Of course, while Israeli men and women are fighting and dieing to defend their freedom from the Islamo-Nazi's that make up the core of the Hamas theology and following, she is sitting in Dumbo smoking dope and giving aid and comfort to our mortal and genocidal enemy.
James Brinsford
A bigot who denies Jewish connection to Israel and calls Israel a colonial and imperialist. Brinsford turns blatant anti-Semetism by racists reigims and countries into a justifiable kind of victemhood that promotes the death of the entire Jewish nation in Israel. He does this as a sports and culture writer covwering the World Cup in Quatar in 2022 in his article in Newsweek from 12/2/22.
Liora Halperin - University of Washington
A bigot who denies Jewish connection to Israel and calls Israel a colonial and imperialist power during the was with Gaza.
A flaming liberal nutcase who writings opinion peices for the Jerusalem Post. His writing during COVID has been that the Frum community is at fault for the pandemic. His blind hatred for Donald Trump glazes over any positives he had done for Israel or Jews. He is a mad dog.
As it has happened so many times in the past, an Israeli decision to flaunt its expansionist settlement policies before a US administration could provide a dangerous spark in January; so could Biden’s determination to reenter the nuclear agreement with Iran, something Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has vehemently – and in a highly partisan fashion – opposed.
Thanks - now go fuck off Mr Daniel. You are a danger to Klal Yisrael.
Marc Lamont Hill

A Flaming anti-semetic reporter, fired from CNN after his speach at the UN. He hates all Jews and wants us all dead.

Philip Weiss
The founder of Mondoweiss which hides behind the term "independent reporting" for what is actually face up, unmigated antisemetism on a grand scale. This man just hates, Jews, Jewish history, and Jewish culture and wishes it to die. They constantly publish articles that say outright that US Foriegn policy is run by Jews and that Jews have no right to either peace in there land, or any nationhood whatsoever.

Barak Obama
Barak Obama has been a long term hater of Jewish nationhood and identity. It is not his stupid church, though, that condems him, nor is it his concordence with international power politics which would make him just distastful, like Madam Albright and Hillary Clinton. But what pushes Barak Obama into this list is his deal making with Iran that leaves the 6 million Jews in Israel completely exposed to Iranian power and Hezbolah threats. Over time, this man will be responsible for more Jewish blood to be spilt then any person in recent history. This man has put a noose around the neck of every Jew in the World and made a pack with the devil.

Robert Parry
Robert Parry is an investigative reporter who supposedly broke many of the Iran-Contra stories for The Associated Press and Newsweek in the 1980s. He is a flaming antisemetic bigot who wrote that the NY Times and Washington Post should be brought under international criminal investigation because they published opinion peices that proposed the bombing of Iran as it threatens the Jewish state and builds a nuclear arsenal. His reasons? Well if Israel has nukes why doesn't the US bomb Israel? This man should spend some time covering ISIS.

Elvis Costello
Elivs Costello wrote a nearly incomprehensible letter explaining his support for his boycott of the Jews in Israel. His action is in support of blood thirsty enemies of the Jewish people, and denies their existence as a nation. The only line in his letter that makes any sense is "It is a matter of instinct and conscience." That is scary. That same motivation has been used to manipulte people for millinium to kill and torture Jews. Supporting the blood thirsty and genocidial enemies of Jews living in their native land, and under their own government, should be instictively wrong and bother ones conscious. The fact that it doesn't speaks how anti-semetic Elvis Costello is.

Roger Waters
Roger's is one of the greatest bigots alive today who denies Jews their national identity, their place in history, and their lives, while whitewashing the hatred of Jewish killers. He wrote "Please, Alicia, do not lend your name to give legitimacy to the Israeli government policies of illegal, apartheid, occupation of the homelands of the indigenous people of Palestine." In his opinion, Jews are not indigenous to the land, and the Jewish Governments presence in its homeland is a form of aparthied. If this man's vision ever succeeds, Jewish blood will run in Jerusalem and the land unlike it has since the Jews were first exhiled. Millions of Jews will die at the hand of radicalized Islamic military forces. What makes him most hateful is his denial of Jews as aboriginal to the land. It is a discusting and purposely hateful evaluation that rewrites history no better or worse than when such lies were written that denied Jewish historical facts in "Mein Kampf" and the "Elders of Zion". Denying Jews of their inherent heritage denies them life as a nation, and lays the intellectual ground work for yet another Jewish genocide.

Alice Walker
Alice Walker is a women who has turned the hate she recieved in the days of the Jim Crow South, and has turned it inside out, to use it as the metaphor for all problems that exist in the world. She urges anyone she can to support a boycott against Jews and their government in their land. It is an interesting case of delussional reasoning. Everything is one size fits all. She wrote It would grieve me to know you are putting yourself in danger (soul danger) by performing in an apartheid country that is being boycotted by many global conscious artists....If you go to my website and blog you can quickly find many articles I have written over the years that explain why a cultural boycott of Israel and Israeli institutions (not individuals) is the only option left to artists who cannot bear the unconscionable harm Israel inflicts every day on the people of Palestine, whose major "crime" is that they exist in their own land, land that Israel wants to control as its own.

Alice Walker, it is with love that I tell you that you put your soul in danger supporting the deadly enemies of the Jewish People and deny them their fundemental right to live in their land in peace. Your efforts puts Jews in danger. The Jewish people are the aboriginal people of the land currently in dispute. They were killed, tortured and stripped of their heritage. Every Jewish culturally and historically significant object has been raised, burned, and replaced by a Church, Mosque or just left to dust. The destruction of Jewish Culture in our land is a "book burning" on a massive scale so enourmous, that it is almost impossible for the human mind to get around. For two thousand years, every time we have tried to forge a physical connection to our heritage, we have been executed, harrassed, and driven to starvation and poverty. Denying the Jewish people of our land is to deny us of our very existence as a people.

You might not like how Jews handle the problem of strangers living in our land, but it is a good thing your not in charge, because you would just declare the Arabs who are currently there as Racist Aparthied supporters, dismissing all the facts and nuances of the situation, and then there would never be any non-aboriginals (ie arabs) allowed to sell so much as a stick of bread.

Your bitter experience in the American South is no excuse for your hatred of the Jewish people. You deny our essential heritage. You deny us our rights as a people. You deny us our Justice of 2000 years of continual repression and preventing us to live free in our land. And you support mortal enemies of the Jewish people who would kill every Jew living in the land. In fact, you support a Hamas arab government which has declared that it is better that the Jews are in Iseal because it will be easier to find us all and execute us. This is what you support. I greive for your soul, Alice Walker (which in of itself is an ethnocentric fundementalist Christian dogma and shows how deeply troubling misguilded your thinking on this matter is). You are one of the great anti-semites, haters of the Jewish people, today. Your a bad apple.

Alan Rusbridger
This Rhodisian born political activist is the Cheif Editor of "The Gaurdian" an English Newspaper owned by Amelia Fawcett and Andrew Miller's Guardian Media Group plc. The paper is used to actively support the deadly boycott of Israel, and denies the existence of Jewish heritage as a living people and nation. Every section of the paper is used to support anti-Jewish activities and in google searches it shows up often alone or with Iranian News Sources in spreading anti-semetic lies and Jews and Israel. This man HATES Jews. There is no reporter exempt from writing anti-semetic press in this paper under Rusbridger's stewardship. This is one truly bad man.

Michael White - Assistent Editor of the Gaurdian:
Quoted as saying "I have always sensed liberal, middle class ill-ease in going after stories about immigration, legal or otherwise, about welfare fraud or the less attractive tribal habits of the working class, which is more easily ignored altogether. Toffs, including royal ones, Christians, especially popes, governments of Israel, and US Republicans are more straightforward targets." The usage of a derogatory term against the Government of the Jewsish people in Israel is dispicable and warped. This guy needs to be fired. But it does expose the basic bias and hatred this paper has for the Jewish People.

Annie Robbins
The commentator who writes in describes herself as:
Annie Robbins is Editor at Large for Mondoweiss, a mother, a human rights
activist and a ceramic artist. She lives in the SF bay area.
What she failed to add is that she is an overwhelming anti-semitic bigot and a lunetic who is happy to see Jews dead all over Israel in order to pacify her distorted historical fantacy that stips Jews of their identity, their land and they religion, and most importantly, their saftey. Her support of the Boycott Jews in Israel movement is sick.

Dr Abdullah Al-Ashaal
This international law professor at the American University in Cairo constatnly refuses to recognize Jewish Heritage to its land and refuses to allow for any Jewish state, in what he calls "Historical Palestine". In order to pull off this slight of hand, all history with him begins in 1948 and he equates a Jewish state with the liquidation of non-Jews in all of "Historical Palestine"

Thomas Friedman
NY Times commentator. I have been reluctant to believe that Friedman had been an anti-semite, but it has been years since he has been called into account by his employer for his increasingly radical opinions. This quote alone puts Friedman far into the anti-semite camp: Question: What do the Shiite extremist leader Moktada al-Sadr and his Mahdi Army have in common with the extremist Jewish settlers in Israel? Answer: More than you'd think. Both movements combine religious messianism, and a willingness to sacrifice their followers and others for absolutist visions, along with a certain disdain for man-made laws, as opposed to those from God. The big question in both Iraq and Israel today is also similar: Will the silent majorities in both countries finally turn against these extremist minorities to save their future? If Helen Thomas had said this, or anyone on any nightly newscast, they'd be fired.

Thurston Moore
Thurston Moore is a pasionately anti-semetic bigot who not only hates Jews and denies them of their identity, but insists that the only time Jews should defend themselves is when they are massively killed themself. Anyone who purchases or listens to anything Thurstom Moore produces (musically) is an anti-semetic collborator.

Richard Cohen of the Washington Post
Aside from the fact that he has shown to be emotionally unstable, including his lewd treatment of co-workers at th Washington Post, which if happened in todays hysterical environment, he would not only have been fire, but also shunned from every publisher in the US, he has a long long history of being anti-semetic, and misrepresenting Jewish history. His most fameous tirade against the Jews came in his position paper where he said:

The greatest mistake Israel could make at the moment is to forget that Israel itself is a mistake. It is an honest mistake, a well-intentioned mistake, a mistake for which no one is culpable, but the idea of creating a nation of European Jews in an area of Arab Muslims (and some Christians) has produced a century of warfare and terrorism of the sort we are seeing now

This ignorant creep has condemed the 2000 year long struggle for Jews to reassert their political rights and culture in their home land to a mistake because.... pooh hooh hooh, the Muslims and the Christians don't like us. Futthermore he blames the Jews for all the ills of the Middle East. Maybe he hasn't seen what is happening in Syria currently, which isn't much different than what happened in Lebonon, and in Yemem, and Iraq, and Iran, and Pakastan etc etc. Only a BIGOT can blame the Jews for Muslim violence.

Cohen is a dangerous man who doesn't deserve the pulpit that the Post gives him. Nothing can be more confirming of the wisdom of chosing the new amdasador to Israel as David Friedman. If Cohen don't like it, it must be GREAT.

Marc Lamont Hill
In a stunning and brutal assault on the Jewish people and our right to national statehood, and with complete disregard for the facts on the ground, this bigot called for the erasure of Israel and the death to Jewish in the UN under the guise of "Human Rights" calling for Palestine to be Free from the River to the Sea. From the River to the Sea, the entire land is Jewish and only selective reading of history can one conclude any thing else. This man is a deadly bigot who has Jewish blood on his hands.
* UN Speech
Amanda Bueno
This middle school principle of MS 136 used the Department of Education email system to urge staff to ask for an Israeli Boycott during the Hamas Israel war of 2021, the one where Hamas fired over 400 rockets at Jews for a month to start a war it know it couldn't win. She is a bigot and Jewish blood is on her hands. Her letter in support of terrorists teaches anti-semtitism in the public schools.