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The Holy City of Jerusalem, Israel

The Dome of the Huvra Synagogue in the Center of the Jewish Quarter of the Old City - Jerusalem

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We all live in a unique time when Jerusalem has been freed, for the first time since the Roman Conquest, and returned to the Jewish People, fixing one of the grave injustices in history. We not only say, Remember Jerusalem, the Holy City, but we can now touch the walls and walk the streets in freedom.

The Synagogue that is now built under the tunnels near the Kotel.

Children waiting outside the walls near the Dung Gate

Ready for Shabbat in a residence inside the walls of the old city

Secret abandoned mikvah outside the Zion Gate

Archaeological digging at the City of David

Residences in the Old City

Alleys of the Old City

Alleys of the Old City

This the Zilberman Yeshiva in the old city of Jerusalem. Here, a few meters from the Kotel, in the old City of Jerusalem, for the first time in generations, on any morning after Sachriet, one can sit under a tree and listen to the sound of Jewish children learning, growing, playing, when in no other previous generation since the time of the second Beis Hamekdosh, could this be heard so openly and joyfully.

View of the Old City from Breslov