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Political Rants, information and links

Off the Hook
The Radio broadcast that focuses on essential politics of the digital age
Local Free Software and Linux Advocacy Group
Free Software Foundation
Free Software cornerstone lead by Richard Stallman
Economics and Banking
Probably the best explanation for economics and banking on the internet
Chinese Police State usage of Technology
Social Credit Scores and Artificial Intelligence is the used for political repression throughout China while disguising it as a credit score. It outlines the danger of where the West is sliding towards with the spin of this invasive technology as being what the cool guys do. Nasty stuff, and a must listen.
This is the modern Chinese look of the enemy of the people.
Modern, Sexy, Confident, Ruthless, and positively a Communist tyrant in every way
Chinese Surveillance State
China is actually building Skynet, and doing real time facial recognition of the entire population. They love horror shows like "Black Mirror" as the Communist technology model. Anyone with a bad social score can't book a plane or train ticket.
Chinese Syndicates causing Pangolin extinction in Africa
Both Chinese wet markets for bush meat, and medicinal markets are pushing Pangolin's to extinction all around the globe
Nature on the Pangolin and Chinese Markets
The Chinese markets for Pangolin scales has pushed the entire genus into the brink of extinction and then contributed to the release of the COVID-19 (WUHAN) Virus on the world.

It is time to boycott China Watch the following videos
Using Technology in China to kill freedom
Chinese Political Opression through Technology on Frontline
Chinese Wet Markets give us Corona Virus and drives extinctions
Wuhan (covid-19) SARS Virus - and our over reaction is going to kill people
Wuhan (covid-19) SARS Virus and the affect on Brooklyn

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