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Political Rants, information and links

Some political stupidity.

It seems this past couple of years has been a banner years for political newspeak. We are reaching a dangerous time for Democracy and Individual Freedom
There has been an effort of late to rehabilitate the image of David Dinkins. David Dinkins was an extemist and racist dispite his veneer of gentility. After the Crown Heights Riots he was quoted in the NY Times as saying:

''I found that out during the days immediately following Crown Heights, They said in effect to the Park Avenue Jews, 'You all have abandoned us.' That wasn't true, but that's what they said.''

This statement, quoted in the NY Times, has so many levels of deep racism and misconceptions that it is impossible to go through them on this webpage. But on the top the list is his idea that somehow the Jews who were attacked and in the violent riots by the Black community who lived in Crown Heights, Brownsville and East New York, somehow complained to coreligionists from "Park Avenue", because in Dinkins mind there is some kind of conspiracy there.

Did he really think that the people who live on Park Avenue could care less about Jews living in the ghetto of Crown Heights? If they did, we would have a much better city.

Secondly, what does that have to do with the fact that he created the race baiting environment that allowed for the riots in the first place, and then tied the hands of the police force when the riots started. And then left Bill de Blasio to handle the riots while he went to see the US Open

Barak Obama -
The "broader point we need to stay focused on," he added, "is what we have is a disaffected Sunni minority in the case of Iraq, a majority in the case of Syria, stretching from essentially Baghdad to Damascus. ... Unless we can give them a formula that speaks to the aspirations of that population, we are inevitably going to have problems. ...

...This President has been sniffing too much glue...
OK, more to the point, you have to have ignored 5,000 years of human history to believe any sort of capitulation can resolve the violent social and political upheaval of political Islam.

Obama again ..
"If people can't trust not only the executive branch but also don't trust Congress, and don't trust federal judges, to make sure that we're abiding by the Constitution with due process and rule of law, then we're going to have some problems here."

...where is Dan Quayle when you need him. It is the very premise of any sane political constitution and democratic body of law that first and foremost, you can not trust the government. Therefor government must be LIMITED and never trusted.

On Michael Bloomberg
"She noted that police made 4.4 million stops between 2004 and 2012, and frisked over 2 million people. "In 98.5% of the 2.3 million frisks, no weapon was found," she wrote"

Why does our mayor need to be told that he can not stop and frisk MILLIONS of people? He is gone now, but his replacement comes with his own troubles, starting with a fundamental lack of desire to pick up the trash. I feel like NYC is living on a yoyo, bouncing from one form of insanity to the next.

Clear Evidence of Systemic Voter Fraud in New York City

Fraudulent Voter Registration Cards

These are the pictures of two voter registrations for both my daughter and me, 
with instructions for absentee voting and voter ID cards.

The problem is my daughter is not only not registered in NY, she hasn't
lived in NYC in over 10 years and has resided in Alaska, but in the 7
years I have lived here, she has never so much as set foot in this house.

CLEAR evidence of SYSTEMIC voter fraud in NYC.
I am just sick of hearing from the NY Times and PBS that there is no evidence of election fraud related to mail in ballots. They are full of crap and partisans of the election.

Black Lives Matter and Racial Justice

It has been a while since I've written anything in the political section, and yet recent events, both with COVID-19 and the protests and riots that have rocked the city, and the entire U.S. political reaction to events serious thought. I've had great concerns about China. I think the influence and the threat of China is bad for humanity, and is having terrible affects on us. I have listed below some evidence of those concerns. The internal domestic problems I have not yet addressed.

But that doesn't mean that I haven't discussed them, and much has been written and talked about. The truth is that the current crisis around race inequality has been brewing. I've identified this and written about it since I first started this website in the 1990's. The root causes to this crisis predate my birth and will continue long after I am dead. I question if justice can be applied societies. We can make subjective moral judgements on society and groups, but justice can only be applied to individuals, not whole societies. The concept of social justice is a lie, and fraught with racism, and bigotry.

Nearly every aspect of our lives is perfused with judgments about people with minimal information about them. This is the cornerstone of human intelligence. We are pattern matchers. The basic different in human intelligence and digital systems is that biological intelligence is based on pattern matching. Even jellyfish and paramecium do it. Additionally, we live in the context of our culture. It colors nearly decision and action that we make. We can't live without it.

Cultures aren't all equal and they aren't all the same. Its lie to pretend that all people and all cultures are the same. They aren't and they never have been. Using fairly objective criteria, we can make judgements that some cultures have been good, and others bad. We can draw up a list of object characteristics for cultures that we prefer. Most of them have been distilled in the principles of Americanism and our political system. We've learned them the hard way, through centuries of suffering.

  1. Respect for due process - one of the first characteristics of a just society which we have learned. It began with Hammurabi's law.
  2. Equality before the law - Justice must be blind, or it is not justice. This is a core Jewish value of justice that has been adopted by the West.
    Rabbi Tzaddok would say: Do not separate yourself from the community. Do not act as a counselor-at-law (when serving as a judge). Do not make the Torah a crown to magnify yourself with, or a spade with which to dig. So would Hillel say: one who make personal use of the crown of Torah shall perish. Hence, one who benefits himself from the words of Torah, removes his life from the world.
    Judah ben Tabbai and Shimon ben Shetach received [the oral tradition] from them. Judah ben Tabbai said: do not [as a judge] play the part of an advocate; and when the litigants are standing before you, look upon them as if they were [both] guilty; and when they leave your presence, look upon them as if they were [both] innocent, when they have accepted the judgement.
  3. Limited Government
  4. Free Speech
  5. Security in your papers and person
  6. Freedom of Religion
  7. Protection and tolerance of Minorities
  8. Universal literacy and education
  9. Universal Suffrage

The radicals and ignoramuses that support the protests and riots behind Black Lives Matter fail in accepting that cultures and people are different, and refuse to accept that the fear of the American Black male is based on real and objective experience. They also fail to accept that Justice must be blind or there is no justice.

I am sorry, but these communities are dangerous and there is no quick fix to this. I grew up and was beating by mobs of young black men. Growing up in East New York and in Canarsie was dangerous. For sure, there is violence in the White communities as well, but it doesn't remotely rise to the level of violence in the ghetto, and we all know this. By denying proper policing in minority communities for decades, we denied basic civil rights in these communities as well. The result of aggressive policing in these communities, is a springtime of legitimate businesses, economic stability and home ownership through out the poor sections across the five boroughs.

Major thoroughfares and business districts sprang back to life and the policing gave security to residents, along Pitkin Avenue, Lovinia Avenue, Flushing Avenue, Franklin Avenue, Nostrand Avenue, Sutter Avenue, Broadway, Rockaway Avenue, Fulton Street, Marcy Avenue, 5th Avenue, etc etc etc. The side affect of this was that many of these communities, close to the center of the city and mass transit, became magnets of gentrification of communities like DUMBO, Prospect Heights, Bedford-Stuyvesant, and Bushwick.

This change in policing spread across the country, and became extreme. Driven by fund raising, and crime control, policing has crossed the line from being fair and firm to being unconstitutional and repressive. I'm not measuring this by the standards of Black Lines Matter. They are part of the problem. But we can measure this by the policy changes, and the numbers. Mike Bloomberg, the guy who switched parties and ran for President as a Democrat, he stopped and drisked 2,300,000 people with 4.4 million frisks between 2004 and 2012, in which 98.5% of the frisks proved to have no weapons. That is UnAmerican, unethical, and flat out crazy.

In the case of the shooting of Michael Brown, the individual police were rightful found not guilty of any wrongdoing. But the Ferguson police department was a power keg of mismanagement and unconstitutional activities that triggered the community reaction and allowed it to be an excuse for an attack on the police. The department was being used to raise funds through police ticketing and petty arrests, in a disenfranchised community that suffered from under funding for decades, after the district turned minority.

This brings me to Dominick Smith and baseball. Dominick's tearful protestation about how difficult it is to grow up as a black man in America is only half the story and distorts the reality. I am Sorry Dom, but Black Men are dangerous. Its not all of them, but it is a lot of them, and especially when they are young. The predatory behaviors and deadly gangs in minority communities throughout the country, and especially in New York City is real. Handcuffing the cops is not a solution to anything but a return to murder, riots, bigotry and violence. I am not interested in this.

I am not interested in building large stocks of housing projects for the poor, and social workers doing the jobs of cops. This has been proven to be ineffective and to fuel inter-racial violence, white flight, and to destroy the foundations of urban communities.

I remember growing up and seeing black and minority friends suddenly just, piinnngg, run off in a deadly violent direction of self-destruction, involving dropping out of school, joining gangs, shooting drugs, packing guns, and getting shot. It seemed inexplicable.

It is hard to grow up as a Black Man in America, and the most dangerous thing about it is the streets and other minority youth. You will get stopped by the cops when driving. You will be monitored when shopping in a retail store. You are going to be prejudged as a potential threat. And the cause of this is hard earned experience. Black youths are a threat. Youth in general are a threat, but black youth are especially dangerous. Just walk up 125th Street and see it with your eyes.

There is no quick solution. And our politicians, specifically politicians like Andrew Cuomo, have been in favor of racist government policy for decades. The problem is a lack of investment in services to minority communities with the same vigor, not less vigor, as we have applied to policing. The Mantra "Defund the Police" is bullshit. We don't have a false choice between policing and education. We need both. New York has suffered from underfunded schools my entire lifetime. It has never been addressed, and, in fact, court orders demanding that New York fix the funding problem of New York City Schools has been summarily ignored by a state that depends on the large suburban counties and districts for funding and votes. We have a system where fiefdoms of suburban communities throughout New York and New Jersey have created education districts paid from property taxes that support much of the best educational systems in the world, no more than 25 miles from the hellholes of Jefferson and Boys and Girls High school in Brooklyn. This is pure racism and Andrew Cuomo, among others, has staunchly supported it for decades.

The same is true for Parks, Healthcare, Transportation, Courts, Family Services, Children Services, and most other government resources. We must fully fund government services in all minority communities, in fact all communities, not just just policing. The policy of politically dividing minority communities and leaving them with inferior services must stop now. And then it will take about 20 years of patient hard work to begin to correct and address both the social underpinnings to minority violence and poverty. There is no quick fix. Race baiting is not helping at all and will explode in our faces.

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