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The Jewish Billboard

Jewish Topics

This is the generalized Jewish events and news section, which might include a
number of topics on generalized Jewish issues. My love for the Jewish people
is deep. I love being with the Jews, amoung Jews, and if my entire life is
filled with misfortune, which is largely is, my one fortunate stroke of
luck was that I was born a Jew.

My very first publication on the internet was called the Jewish Billboard.
I found a home for it on Brooklyn on Line and there is an archive of it
in the resource section

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Here is a listing of some of todays biggest anti-semites pulled from the news
with an explanation for their inclusion in the list. The most dangerous
individuals to the Jewish aren't the openly hostile skin heads of the West,
but those that cloak their hateful acts in jaagon of love and justice while
discharging Jewish history and Jewish identity for their justifications.
We find these people in every walk of life, most often from the left of center
of the political wing, who wouldn't think of a second thought to spill Jewish
blood if it served their view of a proper world order.
anti-semetic bigots

Rabbi Balkany was relseased from prision due to activities involving what
I can only describe as nearly heroic efforts to provide a Jewish Education to
every needy child. The issues he tackled and the problems he faced are problems
the entire Jewish Community face, yet just ignore. There is something very wrong
about how we fund Jewish Education in the US, and we all share whatever guilt
Rabbi Balkany was proven guilty of in the courtroom. I personally will be
fasting on Tuesday out of an act of Tchuvia.

Loving The Jewish People One of my favorite charities as it reaches from the religious community to all Jews for a great Mitzvot

  • Major Yeshiva Phone Numbers in Brooklyn
    • Mirrer Yeshiva (718) 375-0771
    • Yeshiva Bobover 718-435-6060
    • Yeshiva of Flatbush
      • 718-377-4466
      • 718-377-4040
    • Brooklyn Yeshiva
      • Offices 718-376-3775
    • Yeshiva Ahavas Torah 718-339-9656
    • Yeshiva RAMBAM 718-338-6918
    • Chaim Berlin 718-377-0777
    • Torah Vodaath 718-941-8000
  • Major Bnos Yaakovs (Girls Schools)
    • Bnos Yisroel School for Girls of Flatbush 718-339-4229
    • Bais Yaakov Academy 718-339-2030
    • Bais Yaakov of Brooklyn 718-435-7776i
    • Bais Yaakov of 18th Avenue 718-633-6050
    • Prospect Park Yeshiva 718-376-4400
    • Shulamith School for Girls 718-338-4000
  • Council of Community Organizations of Boro Park 718-436-1800
  • The Brooklyn Board of Family and Children Services of Boro Park 718-435-5700
  • Council of Community Organizations of Flatbush 718-377-2900
  • COPE Institute Job Agency and Computer school with a Jewish Enviorment 1-212-809-5935
  • Bikur Cholim (Guardians of the Sick)
    • Boro Park 718-438-2020
    • D'Satmar 718-387-7749
    • Washington Heights 1-212-927-0110
    • Bobov 718-871-8606
    • Crown Heights 718-467-4727
    • PUPA 718-522-4257
  • Hatzoloh Brooklyn 1-718-387-1750
  • Shomrim - Civilian Patrol 1-718-237-0202

  • The best and most authentic collection of Jewish Literature is at Hebrew Books with the complete Shas and Rambam and more. 52,020 Texts and counting as of the date of this writing. It is quietly one of the most important Jewish projects of our generation.

    Purim at the Safir House

    2022 Purim Events

    Learn at the Beis Medresh of Rabbi Avraham Schorr early in the morning
    Schmuel-Lieb Eliezar Safir 2022 - getting ready for Purim Morning Davening
    Shaggy Reuvain Safir before Megilla Reading
    Rav Avraham Schorr with a Boucher signing a note in one of his published treatises
    Arnie Lubitz at his Seuda table with the flowing scotch and boubon
    The evening Sueda at Rabbi Dr Burach Dean

    Purim 2016

    Emma's Purim Pics from 2015

    Sherry Israeloff - Queen Esther

    Israeli Coins

    Tzvi Nussbaum Wedding

    The Children of Jerusalem's old City

    Kosher in Bordeaux France
    Kosher in Bordauex France

    Synagogue Bordeaux France
    Synagogue Bordauex France

    Jewish Children of Hebron
    Jewish Children of Hebron

    Portuguese Synagogue of Amsterdam

    Portuguese Synagogue of Amsterdam