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Dinosaur Provision Park and the Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller Alberta

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In February, 2017 I had the great pleasure of going to Drumheller, Alberta Canada. I landed in Calgary, and stayed with a friend from Bow Valley College, named Ary Alcock. We then ventured down to Drumheller to see the fossil beds of the Canadian Badland, and the Royal Tyrrell Museum, which I think it the best Dinosaur Museum anywhere. I took many of the best photographs I ever shot, in the landscape and in the exhibits. We met on Monday with Don Brinkman, an expert on Turtles and Ramon Nagesan who has a wonderful background on infomatics and evolution. Everyone was warm, and I learned a lot, much of which I hope to get into my thesis.

You should be aware of the Royal Tyrrell Lecture Series ... best on the internet.

I know that Photograph above is ridicules but Drumheller needs to be seen to believe.


Royal Tyrrell Therapods
One of many Therapod skulls - from the D shaped teeth and the nose bridge, a definite Tyrannosaur

Royal Tyrrell Therapods

Royal Tyrrell Therapods
Tyranosaurus Skull mounted on the body - shot from the second floor of the display

Royal Tyrrell Therapods
Black Beauty - Tyrannosaurus Rex - from about 25 feet in height

Royal Tyrrell Therapods
Black Beauty - Tyrannosaurus Rex - Looking from the floor through the telephoto lens

Royal Tyrrell Therapods
Ancient Gar Fish

Royal Tyrrell Therapods
Permian Synapsid

Royal Tyrrell Therapods

Royal Tyrrell Therapods
Gorgosaurus libratus

Royal Tyrrell Therapods

Take a tour of the region through my camera lens