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Lake Placid, NY

Mirror Lake

Prozac in Landscape is how I describe the town of Lake Placid in the Adirondacks of New York. It is likely, singularly, the most beautiful place on Earth. A four season local, far enough out of the way of civilization in order to preserve its beauty, but close enough to be reached by visitors from the Midwest and Ontario, down the entire Eastern Seaboard, and beyond. It has the best skiing on the eastern seaboard, seated as it is near Whiteface Mountain and amongst the entire High Peaks Range. Lake Placid might well be one of the greenest places on earth. Surrounded by lakes, rivers, and woodlands, hiking trails and outdoor activities abound from rafting to hiking. It is a paradise.

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Schmuel-Leib Eliezar Safir Paddling on Mirror Lake

Dovid Shimon Safir, Aviva Rochel Safir, Schmuel-Leib Eliezar Safir Paddling on Mirror Lake 2007

Lake Placid Landscape - Winter 2007

Dusk at Lake Placid 2007

Aviva Rockel Safir - King of the Snow Hill

Ruben Safir and Schuel-Lieb Safir Racing on the Ice Rink and the High School in Lake Placid

South Range from the Frozen Mirror Lake

My favorite way of getting to Lake Placid is through Amtrak. The train leaves Penn Station in New York at about 8AM and arrives at Westport, near Lake Chaplain, where you get a van ride to town. The ride up the Hudson is one of the most scenic trips one can make, and the pleasure of a cafe car and free space make it an pleasure trip, especially if you have the right company. In the fall, they take out the domed glass cars to see the fall foliage, which can be astonishing for even us New Yorkers.

Domed Cars Traveling near Lake George in the Fall

Westport Rail Station

Ronnie chilling out while waiting for the train at the Westport Rail Station

Ronnie Enjoying the ride home with wine and Chumas

Ruben enjoying the rails on the way north

Lakeside Dining with the best company

Lakeside Dining with the best company

Time Out for Rain

Old Growth Forest

Constellation of Flowers

Price Local Artist - Judy Guglielmo - Flatrocks Studio