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Photo Gallery Novermber 2022

There are a lot of images buried in this webserver. I never thought of myself as a photographer, and I make no claim, but here we are. Starting with my Cannon AE-1 on film, until today, with my Cannon T3I rebel and my new G9X, I've managed to rack up thousands of images, and many of them are worth seeing, just for artistic purposes. I think I will start posting a few of them here, just to exhibit them and to give regular viewers something to enjoy from month to month.

Hand Selected Gallery of Images Number 9 - November 2022

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The memorial scultpure engraved in the marble of the Appellete Division of the NYS Cout House
The first upbeat image of the Freedom Tower that I've been able to take. Ironically, this is in the middle of the COVID-19 lockdown, July of 2020.
An often seen but rarely noticed Eagle gargoyle from Grand Central Station, on the Park Avenue and 42nd Street side.
Spring Blossoms in the middle of the lockdown near Fordham University in the Bronx.
Ellen Safir - Mother of the clan of Safir's
Shani Safir July 2007 - Mother of a FUTURE clan of Safir's
Baby Shmuel on the beach at Coney Island images with an early computer camera... perhaps a Sony Picturebook.
The Unisphere in Flushing Meadow, 2022, Passover
Life slowly returning to NYC. New friends at Citifield, 2022 during Passover.

Porgies in Hand
Fishing in Brooklyn

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