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Photo Gallery April 2021

There are a lot of images buried in this webserver. I never thought of myself as a photographer, and I make no claim, but here we are. Starting with my Cannon AE-1 on film, until today, with my Cannon T3I rebel and my new G9X, I've managed to rack up thousands of images, and many of them are worth seeing, just for artistic purposes. I think I will start posting a few of them here, just to exhibit them and to give regular viewers something to enjoy from month to month.

Hand Selected Gallery of Images Number 5 - April 2021

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I have a friend from Israel, Roni, who took the grand tour of the US and Israel with me. Here she is in Washington DC. This is a very difficult picture because the light is coming from the back. She makes the most of it though :)
My Mothers Birth Plate for me!
The Walls of Jerusalem
My Mother at camp at a very young age.
The Last Day at Shea for our family. That is CITIFIELD being built beyound the scoreboard.
My sister, Rani, and my daughter, Itka, at my grandmothers 90th birthday.
The Rose of Ahambra in Granda Spain
The Palaces of the Ahambra
The Portuguese Synagogue in Amsterdam