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Photo Gallery Febuary 2023

There are a lot of images buried in this webserver. I never thought of myself as a photographer, and I make no claim, but here we are. Starting with my Cannon AE-1 on film, until today, with my Cannon T3I rebel and my new G9X, I've managed to rack up thousands of images, and many of them are worth seeing, just for artistic purposes. I think I will start posting a few of them here, just to exhibit them and to give regular viewers something to enjoy from month to month.

Hand Selected Gallery of Images Number 9 - November 2022

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2007 Celebration of Bastile Day on Court Street in Brooklyn
One of Shoshan Rivka's great works of art!
5-13-1952 was the date of their marriage.. Esther and Al Wallace Grave Stone
My Grandmothers best print - Artist Yehudis Yelin
Commerative Coin - Cave of Chavel
Bartolo Colon - Mid Stride
Thanksgiving - 2012 - Pelican, Little Anthony, and Felix on the Marilyn Jean IV
The Dutch Reform Church on Flatbush and Church Avenue - 2012
Bordeaux Synagogue - 2009

Fishing in Brooklyn