90 years ago this week we began a jouney together. Through tragedy, and romance we have walked this whole path together as family. As you have given me continuity, a home, and life, we have been united with love. And I know you. And you know me. And as long as my children live, they will know you through me, as much as you have known them through me. Because what else can I ever be which that is better than a bridge? We are bonded stronger than blood but by fate we have lived together. My stories begin with you. Your stories come through me. We are together. Because of you I have never been alone. Because of you, our family will never be alone. With my breadth, you will never be alone.

Taly at the Brooklyn Seashore
Esther at 90
Early Summer Sidewalk Scene
Talyah Leah Safir's Poetry
Purple Prose


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