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Passover Hand Baked Matza
April 1997 Prices per LB Not including shipping Each Matza will be hand wrapped to prevent destruction
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City State
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Item Regular Price Member Price Quanitity
Regular 15.95 $13.00
Whole Wheat 15.95 $13.00
Shevarim 13.95 $11.30
Matzah Meal 13.95 $11.30
Spelt Matza 27.95 $24.95
Passover Hagada's
Cups and Silver Sedar Plates
Afikomin Presents!
Passover Information
Candle Lighting in Brooklyn
  • April 10st
  • 7:12PM
Bidikoes Chometz on April 9th
Shabboes Hagadol April 4th
Passover ends on April 18th
Rabbi Schmuel Zev Friedman is Giving a shiur for Women Sunday April 6th on Hilchos Pesach
  • 2801 Ave I
  • Brooklyn NY