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Wired Story on the advantage to education by use of Free Software products
*Note the link is altered for use on this archive
This atricle summarizes how a school using MS products was able to better serve it's students using Linux

NY Times Oct 19th, 2001 - Saudi Arabian extremest Education
Anti-Western and Anti-Semitic Education prevasdes SA. NY Times Articles need to be stripted of HTML to be read properly because of styling technique they use.

NY Times Oct 28th, 2001Suicide Bombers
Long Article from the Magazine Seciton. Includes a quote of some 70% of Palestinians on the West Bank approve of Suicide Bombings of Israel

Washington Post Feb 7, 2001 Pat Schroeder explains why Libraries are evil.
Pat has serious problems with Libraries and people who read books at libraries.

New York Times October 14th, 2001 - Pakistani Education
This article makes clear than moderate Arab states is probibly an oxymoron. Schools teach to hate the west and to kil the Jews.

New York Times August 20, 2001 -Recording Industry's Top Lobbyist
An inside look of the Music Industires lobbying efforts and it's impact on our economy.

New York Times October 19, 2001 Special Forces Leave for War Without Fanfare
The leaving of speacial forces to Afganastan

New York Times October 2nd, 2001 Teror Bill Negotiations
The Bill is scaled back, but is it scaled back enough?

New York Times, September 15th 2001 Arafat's response to the WTC attack
How Israel and the Palestinians reacted to Mid-East terror. Arafat denies cheering in the West Bank

Salon Aug 31, 2001 Bizarre DMCA story about The Bank of NY
Animals, Banks, Website, and the DMCA. How they combine for a story? Read...

New York Times Oct 19th, 2001 Pharmacuetical Patents in a national emergency
As bad as Copyright and Patents are in the Computing field, it pales in comparison of the abuses in medicine.

CNET July 12, 2001 Libraries
Fameous Libray radicals interview with the AAP.

CNN July 17, 2001 Sony and WB corner HDTV market
In a landmark deal that could provide crucial momentum to the nation's foundering digital TV transition, Sony and Warner Bros. are expected Tuesday to announce a pact with the world's top electronics makers to open their vast libraries in exchange for some copy control, Variety reports.

ZDNET July 13, 2001 John Hall of Linux Internation
John Hall advocates jail time for Gates.

Seybold reports (publishing news letter) about evil libraries
This is the inside look of the publishers business on the DMCA and Libraries

C|NET October 20, 2001 Music Indistry under heat
The justice department is now looking at anti-trust activities by the record industry.

Daniel Pipes October 1997Broad Muslim Anti-Semitism
Daniel Pipes is a must read on middle east affairs.

Yahoo News October 16th RIAA - we will smother you
Record Industry proposal to ban computers to prevent file swapping.

Salon June 2000 Killing the Digital Music Revolution
An in depth look at how the RIAA has cost the US economy billions of dollars in growth. This is a three part article and I had to fix the links on the bottom.

ZDNET Aug 20, 2001 IT Police
Does the DMCA now make IT sys admins Network Cops?

NY Times Aug 28th, 2001 Token Booths being closed
Judge Delays Effort to Close Token Booths

Seybold 1998 The DMCA
Publishers inside look at the DMCA when it was passed in 1998

NY Times May 1, 2001 Low-Tech Democracy
This article is an opinion piece of by Thom Friedman. I save it as a reflection of John Halls point of the potential for Free Software to improve the lives of the Third World.

NY Times August 9th 2001 Drug Pulled from Market
Misrepresentition of drug risks and affects to the FDA is commonplace in the drug business. The liver risks of cholesterol drugs have been known for years. This one needed to be recalled.

NY Times Aug 11th, 2001 Dmitrty Reaction efforts to free him
How many reporters are know as Jenifer 8?

NY Times August 18th Drug Economics and Pharmacy Fraud
The most interesting thing about this article is that this pharmacist is caught by a Drug Rep whole tracts every prescription in the neighborhood. In addition, no mention is made of the drug reimbusement to the pharmacist. Normally, drugs which save lives are reimburssed at 50 cents a prescription. With such abuse of pharmacists by drug companies, a lot more fraud is happening than this case.

NY Times April 25th Dino-Bird
Come on - everyone likes dinosaurs. This one has a great photo!