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welcome to my page where i am working hard to figure out HTML and though i mess up several times, at least i know how to backspace!!


This was my first experience in fishing. I hadn't really caught anything but it was still fun.

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Art School has been kind to me. Here is my Art Gallery of Color and Form!

Who wants to see some of my poems?? I KNOW YOU DO!!


the power of magical fairy dust,

its use is mainly based on its colors,

red becomes fire burning to the earths crust,

everything to ash on the dirt floors,

green power of the growth controls over life

watching seeds grow into their mature height

blues waves water that can cause cause such strife

you could not swim through it with all your might

white is thunder or whether to harshness

it will strike you down with its cold dark winds

pink the spirit of love with all kindness

help sweet couples become more than friends

for all fairies i would like to advise

to use thse powers cautiously and wise


a girl passes through he royal garden,

as she walks down, the snow is falling hard,

her step quickens until all the sudden,

she stop, looking around the entire yard,

she sees a figure coming toward her.

a long coat dragging behind a tall man,

he comes from the distance like a sweater,

with outstretched arms, he took her by hand,

he twirls her with his gracefulness and joy,

as they dance she cant take her eyes off his,

to her he'd always be the only boy,

she stops midway thinking over all this,

as she looks down scared he begins to fade,

for she happened to stumble upon his grave.