The Stone Chumash

***This program has the easiest menu I've seen yet for opening up books and search out phrases (to be discussed below).***

Once you have the section that you want to view open, opening any of the commentaries for this section is easy as Kosher cheese cake. Click on the file and open the commentary that you want to view. It opens to the first paragraph of the commentary, Berashies 1:1. Click back to the opened Chumash section. Put the mouse on the verse you want to see the commentary for, and hold down the alternate key and click the mouse. Now the commentary automatically links to the open Chumash, and scrolls forward to the section your looking at. It takes less than 5 seconds. Between the ease of the linking of the commentaries to the text, and the wonderfully simple and implicit search engine this program has, this has become the most used program in my software library.