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Weblog:   The "Lessig in three seconds or less" contest.
Subject:   Sharecroppers to our cultural heritage
Date:   2002-08-22 15:20:54
From:   stirland
These are actually just a couple I've come across in my reporting, so give *them* the books, if you like them:

Rick Boucher: Fight for your freedom to whistle in the shower!

And on behalf of Ruben Safir, co-founder of New Yorker's for Fair Use: "The tremendous problem we face is that we are becoming sharecroppers to our own cultural heritage -- we need the ability to participate in our own society."

Also, what about focussing on using the phrase: Fair-use protection, not copyright protection. That recasts the debate.

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  • Steve Mallett photo Sharecroppers to our cultural heritage
    2002-08-23 07:19:41  Steve Mallett [Reply | View]

    "Fair-use protection, not copyright protection."

    This has some legs.

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