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With Purim coming the Jewish Billboard is bringing the convenience of the Brooklyn Jewish Communities immense resources to your door.
Order a Purim Baskets for you and your family
One Pound of Hamantashen Fresh Baked
Two Art Scroll Childrens Megillahs
4 Groggers to stamp out Hamans Name!
4 Large Size Hamantashen - Fresh Baked
2 Adult Art Scroll Megillahs with Full Commentary
Plus a fresh baked special Simcha Cake!
Regularly over a 70 dollar value for $59.95 plus shipping. Include Sales Tax in New York State Click here to Order!! Confirm on the bottom
    More Purim Items - Note all food items strictly Kosher under an Orthodox Hashgacha
  1. Megilla Case Leather 12 inches 130 Dollars
  2. Megilla Case Leather 15 inches 140 Dollars
  3. Megilla Case Leather 20 Inches 170 Dollars
  4. Groggers Small metal or plastic
    10 for 7 dollars
  5. Genuine Kosher Megillas Scrolls from
    700 Dollars and up
  6. Art Scroll Children's Megilla
    Soft Cover $5.50
    Hard Cover $11.50
  7. Adult Fully Annotated Artscroll Megilla
    Hard Cover $11.50

    Soft Cover $17.00
  8. Haman Tashin Small
    $5.00 a pound Bakery Fresh
    (about 12-14 per pound)
  9. Haman Tashin Spelt $8.50 a pound
  10. Large Haman Tashin 2 dollars each
  11. Yian Kiddush oo Le Havdola - All Vareities