OKCUPID Best Profiles

Anyone who spends any decent amount of time on OKCUPID developes familiarity with some profiles. I really only look at Jewish Women on OKCUPID, and usually in my age range. I do have a list of favorite mind blowing wonderful profiles and girls, any of whom would make an excellent life partner. This is my current list of favorites:

  1. Jen914
    This might not be the most beautiful women on OKCUPID but I love her words and that deep black hair. Something is very deeply spiritual about this women. She is thoughtful and gentle, and it expresses that aspect of herself very well. She is a 94% match with me, and I love the fact that she has no TV and teaches in her spare time. I love this women's soul. I love the Great Gatsby, The Beatles, Elvis Costello, Jazz, and The Purple Rose of Cairo. I like so much of what she likes that makes me interested in all the other things she likes that I'm not familiar with. BTW - she is a Harvard Grad, with a sentimental heart. Reading her profile makes me feel like we are two tuning forks on the same pitch.

  2. GirlMeetsBoy4U
    This women likely has the best written profile of any on OKCUPID and she keeps it constantly updated and fresh. Aside from the fact that she is beautiful, gracious, well thought out, and successful, her profile needs to be reread every week or so like a magazine in order to keep up. Every once in a while I see this women on line on a Saturday night and I become completely fluxed. What??? There is no Bruce Wayne for this women?

    I love her face, and her poetry. But I am mostly impressed with her effort! She treats her profile like a production number. I hope she finds what she is looking for, but then I'll miss her profile. BTW - as of today she is also a 94% match. The only thing about this profile that is the least bit negative is that the profile reveals, very cleverly I might add, very little about her. You don't know what movies she likes, what books she likes to read. Instead she depends on her photographs to fill in just enough of that background to keep you interested, aside from the fact that she models wonderfully in them.

    In Comic Books they call the the story between the frames. This women is a master of that.
  3. kama27
    I just LOVE the blue, seemingly home spun, and slightly small blue sweater. The Panoramic photography is as exciting as she is, and I love the hair. This is a true daughter of our mother Rochel. I can spend a month with this women in Lake Placid, no problem, and lose 20 pounds in the process of hiking, and camping. And then I can spend another 20 years with her walking the streets of New York, in small talk. Unlike my exi-wife, this women can read a MAP! And is not tied to a car! What more can one want? For 17 years she taught special ed. You can't do that without a heart of gold. She has lived for years in Manhattan and has taken a step "down" to Forrest Hills and just learned to drive. Good, I hate driving.

  4. parallax67 Aside from having the name of one of the great villians in the Green Lantern Mythos, this women explodes with personality. Although I think I could never match with her unless she was very tolerant of me, I love the personality that sparkles in every photograph. I love shot with the child, that melts my heart. I love the barefoot sand, and the smile. This is a case of my contrarian nature being attracked to someone who is obviously very different than I am, but who I feel has the tools to make for a positive friendship. I love being around people I don't agree with, especially when they can make me think.

  5. atrain024 This is a case of one photo can launch my heart, and is an even more extreme case of Parallax above. Politically, I'm on the extreme end of this women but she has one of the most intimate photographs I ever saw. I just LOVE this girl! She is a lawyer familiar with illegal drugs at house parties. And I keep searching the A train for this women but I never see her!

  6. Sophiahellen1 This is the Jewish Medical School Student and Resident with the Greek name and perky personailty. OK, so she is 35 years old and first finishing medical school, is obviously hyper, and openly says that she thinks all day that if she doesn't get out of the hospital she'll never have sex. If I was in her age group, I would die for this girl!

    Can you beat this quote?
    Im a 4th year medical student doing my clinicals at a hospital in Brooklyn. Planning on going into surgery and saving the universe, one appendix at a time. i have, in the past, been a biology teacher, a graduate student in anthropology, a counselor in a women's clinic, a hippie traveller/backpacker, and a lunatic.