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Welcome to the Jewish Billboard Information Section. This section will provide continual information on services and Jewish Community related concerns which generally doesn't change from year to year. It will also link to some useful outside sources that will make using the Jewish Billboard easier and more enjoyable. This is also where you can get information on how to contribute to the Jewish Billboard.

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  • Click here to Email Mayor Guilinani - Mayor of New York City
  • Major Yeshiva Phone Numbers in Brooklyn
    • Yeshiva Bobover 435-6060
    • Yeshiva of Flatbush
      • 377-4466
      • 377-4040
    • Brooklyn Yeshiva
      • Offices 376-3775
    • Yeshiva Ahavas Torah 339-9656
    • Yeshiva RAMBAM 338-6918
    • Chaim Berlin 377-0777
    • Torah Vodaath 941-8000

  • Major Bnos Yaakovs (Girls Schools)
  • Council of Community Organizations of Boro Park 436-1800
  • The Brooklyn Board of Family and Children Services of Boro Park 435-5700
  • Council of Community Organizations of Flatbush 377-2900
  • Brooklyn City Services
  • COPE Institute Job Agency and Computer school with a Jewish Enviorment 1-212-809-5935
  • Bikur Cholim (Guardians of the Sick)
    • Boro Park 438-2020
    • D'Satmar 387-7749
    • Washington Heights 1-212-927-0110
    • Bobov 871-8606
    • Crown Heights 467-4727
    • PUPA 522-4257
  • Hatzoloh Brooklyn 1-718-387-1750
  • Shomrim - Civilian Patrol 1-718-237-0202

  • Price list to add a business to the Jewish Billboard Click here to write to us or add your service.