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Twenty-Seventh Annual Dinner

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On Sunday, May 5th, 1996 we will have the unique opportunity to celebrate the growth, success and expansion of Bnos Yisroel School for Girls at our 27th Annual Dinner. With the help of Hashem and the dedication of parents and friends of our school we have realized a dream come true.

As a friend of Bnos Yisroel School we are sure you will join in our efforts to make this a most successful evening. We are proud to announce that the following awards will be presented at the event: Rabbi and Mrs. Shinon Greisman, Parents of the Year Award; Rabbi and Mrs.Yisroel Burstein,; Avodas Hakodesh Award; and Bnos Chavivos Awards to our first high school graduating class.

A souvenir journal will be published in conjunction with this auspicious occasion. We are seeldng your kind and generous support so that we can continue our tradition of excellence in chinuch. In the z'chus of your support may Hashem grant you and your family the health and prosperity to further strengthen Mosdos HaTorah and other worthy causes.

We respectfully ask you to:

First: Reserve the evening of Sunday, May 5th and mark the date on your calendar.

(Your personal invitation will be mailed to you soon)

Second: Return the enclosed ad blank today with your journal ad message at the most generous level you see fit.

Looking forward to your early response, we remain,

Sincerely yours.

Mordochai Fnedman Dinner Chairrnan

Ephraim Feuer Journal Chairman

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