MEDIA BLACKOUT on Taliban killings and dismemberment (Viewer Discretion Advised)

The Obama Regime is actively engaged in trying to make ‘deals’ with the “moderate” Taliban in Afghanistan, despite the threat these barbarians pose to the people. Obama offered them control of six provinces in Afghanistan in return for peace. But the Taliban, who say there is no “moderate” Taliban, turned him down.

Leading Pakistani scholars strongly condemn the ‘western media censor-policy’ over the Shia Muslim killings by the Taliban in the northwestern city of Parachinar. Political experts and religious scholars, emphasize the necessity to launch a  media campaign to raise global awareness about the issue.

The Western media won’t even show photos of people jumping out of the World Trade Center on 9/11, surely they won’t publish these.

The summit held in Iranian city of Qom under the banner “Holocaust of Shias in Parachinar,” came in the wake of the killings of hundreds of Shia community-members over the past six months in Parachinar and Hangu.

Pro-Taliban and al-Qaeda-linked militants, who are reportedly behind the killings, have imposed an economic blockade against the Shia-dominated population areas.

The frequent incidents have raised concerns among human rights group, while moderate Pakistani Sunni groups have described the issue as a conspiracy against the country.

Taliban leaders, who were toppled in the 2001 US-led invasion of Afghanistan, took refuge to tribal regions in Pakistan and rapidly began to extend heir influence from tribes to major towns and cities.

The pro-Taliban anti-Shia groups have launched a violent campaign against the Shia Muslims, and are stretching the campaign toward the restive southwestern Pakistan as well.

Quetta, the capital of Pakistan’s restive southwestern Balochistan province has witnessed several instances of violence directed against the Hazara Shia community in recent months. Several Shia religious gatherings have also been targeted in central province of Punjab over the past some months.

Tehran has repeatedly cautioned Islamabad over the ’silent massacre’ of its Shia community by the Taliban in the country. “The incidents that have occurred against Pakistan’s Shia community are a plot to create conflict between the region’s Sunni and Shia population,” said Iran’s Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani.

“We have warned Islamabad over the incidents and we will follow up on the matter,” he added.

Shia sources say they make up one-third of Pakistan’s population of nearly 160 million. Since the 1980s, thousands of people have been killed in sectarian-related incidents in Pakistan. ISLAMABAD OBSERVER

Maybe the media might start paying attention when these photos are taken in Europe or North America? Then again, probably not.

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  1. Is Obama honestly completely ignorant that they want to conquer the entire world, including the USA and that this same violence will be on our shores soon??
    does he not know that when the 9-11 mosque imam talks him into allowing shariah law, that very soon this same violence will be in our streets??? and ALL nonbelievers will be killed????

  2. Iran changes it’s mind again
    Iran was always anti Taliban – having witnessed Iranian strikes against the Taliban in southwestern Afghanistan / northwestern Pakistan and southeast Iran
    then mid 2000′s started traing funding and supplying them against the allies in afghan
    now – that Shia Muslims are suffering another change of heart
    bharam chah and places like that need to be taken held and exploited rather than ‘hit and split’

  3. Breaking – sustained rocket and ground attack at kandahar airbase – now ongoing for 5 hours

  4. Debro, he knows all this…and approves! I think he fancies himself the 12th Imam.

  5. But the Taliban are right – I’ve never encountered a moderate Taliban
    your either Taliban or not

  6. I would really like to know where this “moderate” Islam nomenclature began.
    Since it’s a “politically correct” term, my mental dictionary, tells me that it’s a LIE

  7. Looks like a human butcher shop. Halal of course. Can you imagine the MSM showing this anywhere? The screaming about being “forced” to look at such “disturbing” images, followed by the shrieks of “racism!” aimed at anyone indiscreet enough to identify these butchers as MUSLIM Taliban?

    Speaking of mosques, word is that there is another one planned, this one on Staten Island. In a decomissioned CHURCH. Whose pastor accuses anyone who complains of — wait for it — racism.

  8. Obamination knows damn well, he is one of hem, not one of us. We foolishly elected a Mekkan candidate. Civilizational suicide.

  9. Obama will lose support in this years Congressional elections. In 2012, Obama will be leaving the White House, a new President moving in.

  10. ALLAH is the ANTICHRIST – The great deciever.

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